Isn’t it exciting to start another 365 days?

Or are you already anxious not knowing how the year will turn out?

You probably had a tough ride in 2022 and if not anything, you wish 2023 does not bring back the memories of days gone.

At Rhizome, we are also optimistic in our pursuit to break new ground this year, and as such, we started making a list of some of the very common yet powerful things we would do to ensure targets and objectives are met.

We have shaped them for individuals to use in propelling their success this year.

1. Look Back with Honesty

In 2023, your biggest arsenal will be you!

At the end of the day, you are going to be pursuing personal ambitions. If you are part of a corporate workforce, there will be components of the organisation’s success seating on your desk. You are such a determinant in your success, you need to pay attention to yourself.

Doing a self-assessment provides the opportunity to understand your strengths and weaknesses, as well as the opportunity to look back and learn from the 2022 experience. Be sincere as you do this. Self-assessments are not just for the books, without sincerity to self, such exercise may just be a ritual. Be honest in identifying areas you need to improve in.

2. Develop a Strong Work Ethic

At Rhizome, we believe in smart work and believe that smart work is a product of hard work. It is essential to have a strong work ethic in order to succeed in 2023. This means having the discipline to put in the hard work, dedication, and effort required to reach success.

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3. Plan and Implement Your Development

Let us look at another fundamental building block for success – Continuous Learning.

2023 has many promises but we are certain it doesn’t promise to be an easy year for people whose hands are folding to learning and development.

There are and will continue to be opportunities even in the toughest times. However, the ability to recognize and take advantage of opportunities in the midst of turmoil is largely dependent on the capacity we have built.

Use the output from your self-assessment as input to inform the areas you need to develop in. And most importantly, take a continuous learning approach to learning.

4. Collaboration and Implement SMART Strategies

It is okay not to have all you need to succeed this year. This is exactly why how you collaborate may be your biggest arsenal.

As the world becomes smaller and businesses go global, and our workplaces continue to incorporate more diversity, the need to collaborate across all fronts is not a strategy, rather, a necessity. To succeed in 2023, you must identify the necessary areas for collaboration as you walk towards your objectives for the year. This is not only about collaborating at a business level. At a personal level, you can use your network in ways that support your ambitions and propel you to heights you would not have achieved by yourself.

As you collaborate, it is important to have a well-thought-out plan of attack to reach your goals. This includes setting goals, creating a timeline, and having a clear vision of what success looks like.

5. Stay Up to Date

In order to stay competitive in 2023, it is essential to stay up-to-date with industry trends and technology. This can be done through research, attending conferences, and networking with industry professionals.

6. Adapt to Change

The world is always changing and 2023 will likely be no different. It is important to be able to adapt quickly and make the necessary changes to succeed.

7. Take Risks

Yes, I am saying it again! While it is important to have a plan, sometimes taking risks can pay off. Taking smart risks can lead to new opportunities and increased success.

Despite obvious challenges, 2023 has its opportunities embedded. We encourage you to evaluate, learn, take smart risks, adapt, stay up to date, and continue to develop as you collaborate for success.

What steps are people taking to ensure success in 2023? We would to hear from you.

Wishing you all the very best this year

Your Friends at Rhizome