Jibril Lawal Manager, People and Organisation Solutions

Jibril's unwavering dedication to tackling climate change, fostering climate-smart technologies and driving impact investment initiatives defines his role as a seasoned management consultant at Rhizome Consulting. With over 10 years of experience, his expertise in organisation development and digital innovations serves as a cornerstone for the company's visionary pursuits. Highly proficient in Human Resource Management, Organisational Strategy Development and Project Management. Jibril continually showcases his mastery in Business Process Re-engineering and Process Design.

Jibril is celebrated as the pioneering Impact Business Leaders Fellow from Nigeria. His dedication signifies an unyielding commitment to catalysing meaningful change and fostering innovation within Nigeria, particularly in advancing impact investment and climate-conscious solutions.

He hold’s a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and is a Certified Change Management Practitioner.

Throughout his career, Jibril's expertise has been instrumental in steering transformative projects, emphasising strategy development, organisational enhancement, and adept workforce management. His ability to harmonise technologies with business objectives consistently amplifies operational efficiency.