There is excitement in the air and your colleagues, or your bestie is around the corner, so you feel like getting into a conversation. No matter the adrenaline you feel during such times, never forget you are in the office and for your own good, there are certain things you should not discuss.

Today, we share with you, 8 things you should not discuss at work.

Do not get into political arguments.

We are aware of current political tensions around. There are diverse political views everywhere and people can hold strongly to their views making political discussion very volatile. Discussing politics can quickly raise tensions and causing heated arguments that can create a negative atmosphere. If you must discuss politics at work, read our article on How to discuss politics at work.

Do not discuss your religious belief.

Just as our political views are diverse and personal, so is our religious beliefs. Keep your religious belief out of your office conversations. Never get into conversations that push you to project your religious belief especially in the context of superiority to other people’s belief.

Do not emphasize your medical issues.

It is okay when you are not feeling too well and need to discuss it with your manager to get a day or two off. But making your health situation a topic of discussion just to share what you are going through is a no-no. This should be avoided at all cost.

Relationship and/or family issues

Sometimes you may feel the temptation to share with your colleague(s) a situation at home or in your relation. Maybe talking about this will bring some relief, but with your colleagues in the office? That wouldn’t be a good idea. It is better to keep family and relationship issues away from discussions in the office.

Your paycheck

You never can be too sure how a colleague will react to knowing they earn more or less than you. A colleague who is on the same job as you may become demotivated and maybe jealous if they find out you earn more. On the other hand, a colleague may develop an unnecessary ego when they find out they earn more than you.

Keep your paycheck to yourself.

Financial challenges

The whole discussion about finance is overly sensitive. Whether you just made six figures from a side hustle or you are in debt, it is always better to keep your financial challenges or success out of office discussions.

Don’t engage in gossips and side talks about leadership

If it is not a round table or a feedback session where constructive criticism is being given, do not engage with other colleagues in side-talks that has to do with leadership.

If you feel terribly offended by the leadership of your organisation, ask to speak with leadership behind closed doors or wait for a forum that has been set up for such a purpose to express your discomfort.

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