Most organisations give time for one hour break, however, a series of ‘short breaks can also have a powerful effect on our body and mind. Staying productive has always been the priority for organisations and individuals alike. Work patterns and styles have since changed from what they used to be, and nothing seems to be static.

With a fast-paced work environment full of uncertainties and anxiety, can coffee breaks make a difference?

Experts have attributed a portion of workplace productivity to the observation of regular coffee breaks. Is this all about the caffeine?

At Rhizome, we think it goes beyond the caffeine. This article shares tips on how you can utilize your coffee breaks to boost productivity.

Take it anywhere else but not on your desk

Getting away from your work desk during coffee/short breaks truly allows you to take a break from work to refresh, as you enjoy your coffee, stretch your body or do something other than work. All you need to do is find a spot you usually do not work from (the garden, breakroom, a hallway, etc) to ensure you mentally switch off from work mood during coffee/short breaks.

Avoid having it alone

Short breaks are more stress-relieving when you have them with a friend or colleague. Having a tea/coffee break alone can be counterproductive as you may just end up leaving your desk more overwhelmed than you came since it was just you and your coffee.

In reality, there are times you just quickly need to grab a cup of tea/coffee and run back to work. It is okay, as long as this is not the norm. You can also use short breaks to familiarise yourself with new colleagues. Ask to have a tea/coffee with them.

Organisations can also improve their social culture by structuring short breaks in such a way that promotes social bonding amongst staff.

Add something

Alright, this is just to ensure your short break is as fun as possible. Remember the idea is to truly relax and come out energized for work.

You may want to grab a low-fat biscuit with peanut butter or your favourite snack just so you do not have the tea/coffee/water alone. The fun of combining your tea/coffee/water with your choice of snack can positively impact your short break experience leading to reduced anxiety and improved productivity.


We hope these tips help you make good use of your coffee breaks.

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