Work can easily not be fun. The early morning wake-up when you still feel like sleeping. The project/s with tight deadlines. The ever-demanding boss. These and many more can easily become our day-to-day experience as businesses and different organisations work to stay relevant and in profit.

Having fun at work is something we all wish for but in reality, may not happen as much as we want (except there is a commitment to make it happen).

“Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Mark Twain

This quote by Mark, even though true, is easier said than done. Regardless, we believe that adding fun to our everyday work routine will set a strong foundation for organisational culture to thrive.

Here are 3 ways fun can support organisational culture

  1. Help Lift Morale

We cannot overemphasise how many changes we have seen in our workplaces and their impact on work, in the last decade. The pandemic also made things tighter. With organisations and individuals experiencing high uncertainties and the economy taking a nosedive, people can easily hide in their shells with low morale.

Infusing fun into work will certainly help build a culture that will ultimately lift the morale of everyone.

  1. Forster Team Building & Collaboration

For a business to ultimately succeed, there is a need to develop a strong culture that supports team building and collaboration.

A workplace where fun activities like games and party/happy hour are an integrated part will create the avenue for co-workers to bond in a friendly way and build relationships that will go beyond work into fun-friendship. By doing so, collaborating and team-building becomes easy.

  1. Enhance Communication

Organisational hierarchy is a good thing to have but may sometimes introduce stiff communication channels. In big originations, junior staff may never get the opportunity to speak with top management staff and will in turn not build the necessary communication skills they need to engage successfully in their career.

There is no better time to bond and practice open-door policies and/or open communication than during fun hours. During such hours, the mood is usually light and with fun in the air, communication between all staff happen seamlessly with little or no blockages.


There you go!

It is time to inject fun into the workplace.

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