Working from home is becoming more accepted, even though it hasn’t all worked well for some, the reverse is the case for others.

Working from home comes with its associated cost- power, internet, coffee, etc are examples of such costs.

The big question is, should employers pay for work from home costs?

In 2020, LinkedIn carried out a poll on- Should companies pay for WFH expenses? The poll had a total of 76,122 votes. Of the total votes, 60% voted for -Yes, they should cover it. 33% voted for – No, it’s up to workers. 7% voted for others, sharing insights into what they think will work beyond both extremes.

“WFH employees need to be fair….. they are saving significant money in gas, wear and tear on vehicles, and getting back time in their life not having commuting time and expenses… significant office expenses should be covered, ie. paper, ink, possibly internet…” but I think you should buy your own coffee, water and tea.

It’s an interesting question, but it works both ways. Employees have reduced costs for commuting, dry cleaning etc Does that justify a salary adjustment? It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out over the next few years.

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