Enjoying the work we do is valuable to our everyday life. However, not everyone loves or even like their overall job to enjoy everyday aspects of it. Below are a few tips to love a job you don’t enjoy.

  1. Take off the shackles

Many times, when people find themselves in a job they do not love, they do not only feel unfortunate doing the job, but they also feel trapped. They wish they were doing something else but not this. The mentality of feeling trapped worsen the hatred for the job.

In reality, you chose to do the job, even if you do not love it. Yes, at the end of the day, the choice was yours. You may say, ‘I was out of a job and had no choice but to take this’. You had a choice.

Start by telling yourself you can decide to quit, but you have chosen to stay (even though you do not love the job). The moment you understand you have the power to say no even when it is an obviously difficult decision, it takes away significant pressure that comes from feeling trapped.

  1. Focus on the good things

There may be some things you like about your job. Focusing on those can give you the mental strength to pull through the tough ones.

For example, if you enjoy the part of your job where you get to engage with clients or other colleagues than writing, you can adjust your activities such that your engagement activities come first before your writing tasks. This way, you can bottle up enough energy to surmount your writing challenges.

  1. Change routine

Not loving your job may be a result of boredom from performing the same tasks from time to time. Simply changing how your tasks are carried out can turn that unattractive job into the one you love.

These changes don’t necessarily need to be massive. Small changes do the trick in such situations.

  1. Find a colleague who loves the job

The part you need may just be staying around someone else who is enthusiastic about their job (maybe the same job you do).

The power of influence cannot be overemphasised. As you fraternise with such a person, you will soon start to understand interesting parts of the job you never did.

  1. Ask for a different duty

You probably love your job but not your current role.  If this is you, you can speak with your manager about adding other duties that interest you to your line of activities or completely move you to another function that best suits you.

If you do not have the room to make such demands, then keep your eyes open for opportunities in other departments that you are interested in.

Make a switch when you find the opportunity.

  1. Have fun and stay positive

Having fun at work is good for not just you but your organisation. You can read our article on Having fun at work is good for Organisational Culture

If you have tried everything and you still do not love your job, have fun, and stay positive before you exit the door. Nothing beats a positive attitude.

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