A layoff is not what anyone wishes for, but they happen. An economic downturn, complex marketplace, underperformance, change in management, and many other factors can lead to a layoff. Most recently, the coronavirus pandemic brought business disruptions that led to many layoffs.

Going through a layoff can be challenging especially when you didn’t see it coming. Even when you do, a layoff isn’t what we normally wish for. Does a layoff mean doom?

A layoff definitely throws a hard blow, but you can get yourself back up depending on how you handle the turbulence.

In this article, we are sharing 3 common tips to help you survive a layoff as you bounce back better.

  1. Accept It

It is pretty tough to accept you are no longer going to wake up in the morning thinking about work, your colleagues and all the fun and not-so-fun part. But accepting this hard truth is how you truly start to walk your way from coming out.

You do not want to waste time and energy battling with reality. Accept it! Face it! It is only when you accept and face it you can start asking what steps you need to take to come out better from a layoff.

  1. Tell the Right People

Now that you are standing bold and facing the situation, you should be talking about it for 2 major reasons.

First, to heal from the pain and pressure that comes after a layoff. Talk to a mentor or someone who has been there before and came out successful. By doing this, you will be able to generate the mental strength and will you need to ride the storm.

Secondly, to get the help you need. If people are not aware you have been laid off, how will they send opportunities your way? You need to share your current employment status with your network so that they are aware you are open to opportunities.

  1. Upskill/Reskill

Continuous learning is a necessity. You may not have been laid off due to the lack of a skill set or something related to a deficiency in your capacity. However, developing your skills, learning, unlearning, and relearning is a necessity to stay up-to-date, relevant and competitive.

As you wait for the next hire, you need to ensure you are getting the right skills to position yourself as the go-to when an employer comes knocking.


If you have been laid off, you are not leaving in a world of your own. These things happen. You can bounce back better by facing it head-on. And as you wait to get a new job, make full use of that time to refine your skills. Tell the people around you. You never can tell where the next recommendation will come from.

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We hope this helped you. Never forget, you are not alone. Keep pushing.

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