We are doing a jump into 2023 to explore four distinct yet interconnected areas of our work.

They are:

  1. How we bond
  2. The enthusiasm for work
  3. Culture
  4. Hybrid and remote work

Here is what we know

Bonding in the Workplace

As we peep into 2023, our thoughts are on how we would bond in the workplace

Since remote work became an integration into our work style, we have seen more and more organisations embrace it. The question is, how has this impacted the bonds we created in the office pre Covid?

What will 2023 look like? Would our workplace demand renewed face-to-face interactions to be able to navigate the tight curves that may present themselves in 2023? With unprecedented economic shifts and other challenges, the ability to bond may prove to be the extra push we need to excel in 2023.

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As we deliberate in Rhizome, we realize that at the end of the day, it is about getting people interwoven to get the job done. Sometimes, all we need is a room where people can laugh, share their worries, and find someone to lean on. However, leaders and decision-makers need to stay on top of happenings to acknowledge what will generate the bond that will spark employees to work.


Working Like Startups

You may want to invoke the energy of start-ups.

No doubt, we are moving into a more dynamic fast-paced workplace both locally and globally in 2023.

That said, we can also anticipate the need for organisations to show significant enthusiasm to compete. Such enthusiasm is usually found in startups- The hunger to grow, the desire to compete, and the drive to put their products and services out there.

We suggest that if grounded businesses can imagine themselves as startups, they can generate the enthusiasm they need to thrive in 2023


A Culture that Supports Diversity.

As technology and other innovations make the world smaller, the chances of interacting with people from different races, cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs, increase.

The same is for our workplace. Our workplaces will absorb more Gen Zs into the space, creating a more diverse workplace. In 2023 and beyond, developing and sustaining a culture that explores and accommodates diversity will go a long way in determining business success.


Hybrid and Remote Work is Here to Stay

While a number of people have returned to the office, there are no doubts remote/hybrid work has redefined our workplace and brought endless possibilities.

With its many advantages come with other disadvantages.

Regardless, remote and hybrid work is no longer a foreign language, it is here to stay.

Organisations must continue to pay attention to see what works for them. A hybrid workplace comes as a more flexible approach as it can accommodate those who are having the fun of their life working from home and others who love the commute and the office face-to-face interactions.


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