Are you someone who tends to put off tasks and tell yourself you’ll do it later? Do you find yourself saying “just one more episode” before getting to work? Do you end up scrambling to finish a task at the last minute? This is the web of procrastination we can get tangled in.

Procrastination can silently hold us back from reaching our goals. But fear not, there are practical and simple ways to overcome it.

Find a buddy

You are definitely not the only one struggling with procrastination. So, what does finding someone else do for you?

It takes away the feeling of being alone. Although you may know there is someone out there struggling with procrastination, but until you meet one, chances are, you may feel deserted while struggling to overcome procrastination. This situation can be very frustrating and can use up the energy you would need for work.

Another reason for finding a mate is to get a broader perspective of the challenges and manifestation of procrastination. By doing so you are able to get more insight and learn from how others are dealing with procrastination.

Use the clock

If you are struggling with procrastination and want to stop it, you need to make the clock your best support.

 “Time is the wisest counsellor of all” – Pericles.

Assign time to your activities and allow the clock dictate when you stop and start. Start once the clock says so and end when it does end. By doing this, you condition your mind to be disciplined in working with time. This may not kick off smoothly, but do not worry, with time, you will do better.

Inject some fun

Procrastination is sometimes encouraged by the lack of interest in carrying out a tasks. Maybe you have performed that task the same way for the last 6 months. By injecting fun into your tasks, you can rejuvenate the enthusiasm to pursue it judiciously.

For example, in the cool of the evening, you could have a relaxed chat with family or friends concern a problem statement for project research you are about to start.

Be accountable

Accountability is a game changer when it comes to dealing with procrastination. Take a moment to think about it. Anytime you plan to do something without being accountable for taking the action when planned, chances are you would postpone taking action until it becomes too late and eventually never gets done. This is even more relevant for personal activities since you are not required to report to a superior.

Find someone you can be accountable to.

In conclusion, finding what works for you and injecting some fun into your approach can help you beat procrastination. Don’t let the web of procrastination hold you back any longer!

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