Your old boss does not have to remain in the past. In this era, getting a new opportunity depends on networking and recommendations from reputable personages, hence staying in touch is crucial. Old bosses have better connections, know your background, and can confirm your skills and abilities when you need references. It may turn a little awkward and self-serving when you show up after many days of being quiet, asking for help or recommendation, but do not be hesitate to enlist their help.

Even though it is crucial to stay in touch, you need to be cautious in your attempts to contact an old employer to avoid misunderstandings. Here are relevant ways of staying in touch:

  1. Share a Holiday Card

Personalised cards are a unique way to show that you care about and remember someone. Take your time to prepare a nice personalized gift or card to your old boss saying ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Happy New year’ even though it is once a year. Try to send a non-denominational card if you are not sure about his/her religion and make sure you leave a clear message to avoid misunderstanding.

  1. Connect on Professional Social Media Channels

Social media is the easiest to stay in touch with your old boss. Find the appropriate site to connect with him/her and use casual and professional interactions. Use your judgment to think about the kind of interactions you had before you left the place. If some channels such as Facebook and Instagram seem too personal, consider adding them as a connection on professional channels such as LinkedIn.

  1. Give Update on Your Major Life Event

Give updates on your major life event. It is never a bad idea to thank your old boss for anything that might have motivated to the point of where you are. Give them a quick call to let him know that you have got a promotion, moving across a region/country for a job, or updating your address and name. You can send them the invite to your life events such as a wedding or annual thanksgiving. This is a great way to thank them and acts as a link to your future professional opportunities. 

  1. Share Relevant and Useful Articles

You can leave the impression that you care by sharing relevant and useful links that you come across. Send him an email or note with the link and leave a quick note line ‘I thought you might be interested in this’. Remember to keep your email short and straight to the point and ensure you balance the relevance of the article with your desire to keep in touch.

  1. Visit Your Old office or Plan a Meet-up

If your new job is in the same city, you can invite your old boss for lunch or a quick cup of coffee at the coffee-shop a few times a year. It is a great way to catch up with him/her and get some valuable career advice. If your new job is in a different region, visit your old office whenever you travel to that region. It is a great opportunity to meet your old co-workers and update them on what you have been up to.


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