Almost every article you see online tells you how to quit your job and become the next multi-millionaire or become the next Dangote or Bill Gates and in some cases, it’s not always true. What if you tried and it did not work out? Maybe the economic downturn? You left the 9-5 world, tried to establish your own business and things did not go as planned or you just felt bored and wanted more experience, or you found an opportunity better than what you currently do, could be anything. Sometimes a spouse or partner might lose their source of income, you might realize being the CEO is not for everyone or you crave the stability corporates offer. How do you transition and get back into the game, this is no easy feat at all as you are going from being your own boss to a system of accountability? Basically, you are giving up your freedom and flexibility and that’s tough! Keep reading and find recommendations on how to transition back into full-time employment;

  • First, build your resume, ensure you include strong references for clientele who can speak and attest to your work. In your resume, ensure you show how your self-employment gives you a well-rounded view of running a business. Your strengths, areas where you showed initiative and creativity, and how you have been able to learn from experience.
  • Reach out to old colleagues and bosses, discuss with family and friends about your quest to find a new job. That’s a very viable way of securing a new job/ opportunity.
  • It is easy to feel ashamed and sad when you have to try to secure a new job cap in hand after running your own business and being your own boss, but acknowledge your feelings, it is okay to grieve and feel sad for a bit about things going left but don’t wallow in self-pity, dust your cap and get back in the game.
  • Before you walk into an interview, ask yourself why. Why am I trying to get this job? Have an honest conversation with yourself? Am I willing to give up my freedom and flexibility? Is this the next step I should be taking? Am I doing this for the right reasons? Will I be able to offer my full services? Be able to give honest and tangible answers to these before walking into an interview.
  • Be proud of your accomplishments and describe what you did for clients in the business. You might feel like the business failed or that ship sailed but it doesn’t matter because you have been able to build a wealth of experience, leverage on that.
  • Go in with your eyes open please, ensure the company values align with your personal values so you do not get trapped up in another tricky situation.

Have you ever left being self-employed to go back to paid employment? How did you transition? Do you have any regrets? What was it like?


Yomi Olusunle

Brands and Digital Innovation

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